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Hip aesthetics has become quite popular, especially in recent years. Hip/butt aesthetics, also called gluteoplasty, is an aesthetic surgery that allows the hips to look fuller, beautiful, and lifte.. Detail

Although young girls generally apply due to size-related complaints, women who want to regain their old appearance after giving birth mostly apply. Especially the discharge of the part above the ni.. Detail

The appearance of your nose tip and the layout are the most important issues after a rhinoplasty operation. However, how much it will be sufficient to form the cartilage structure of the nose tip w.. Detail

I notice that there is an increase in the number of patients applying for facial rejuvenation. There is almost no one who did not have any botulinum toxin injection in their forehead, eye contour o.. Detail

Anesthesia is a small part of the procedure. At once its done, you will not have to worry about any pain or discomfort in the rest of the procedure.

.. Detail

In general, the higher the level of hair loss needs more grafts, they can be 1000 - 5000 or more.

.. Detail

You should stop taking blood thinners medicines at least 5 days before surgery as recommended by the doctor.

You should avoid the stress, alcohols and caffeinated beverages and smoking be.. Detail

Anyone between the ages of 18-70, the underlying chronic, hormonal or autoimmune diseases have been controlled, if possible, the rate of hair loss stopped or slowed, complaint about regional hair l.. Detail

Hair transplantation is a way of gaining hair in natural ways, permanently. The person’s own healthy hair is transferred to the area where the loss takes place, also hairs which is taken to t.. Detail

It is performed by a doctor and health care personnel assistant, in a sterile environment as in all surgical procedures that disturb the integrity of the skin.

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Hair transplantation operation stages are; Collection - Arrangement - Channel – DHI – Transplantation - Anesthesia

Collection: The specialist.. Detail

In hair transplantation area, it is possible to see very small, pin-head scabs for 10 days. However, these scabs are shed rapidly within 10 days, so it does not prevent the patient to return to his.. Detail