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Pain-free Anesthesia

Pain-free Anesthesia

The most common concern of hair transplantation operation is the anesthetic stage.

In a standard operation, the anesthesia process is based on injecting the entire area and takes about 10 minutes. The pain of both the injector and the injected anesthetic drugs may not be tolerated in some people.

Pain-free anesthesia is appropriate for people who have low pain threshold, increased pain sensitivity because of chronic disease or patients who have injection phobia.

By the needle-free injection system, we put an end to our patients' fear of needles. Anesthetics are given under the skin via pressure method. The anesthetic substance is penetrated under the skin with high pressure without drilling therefore there is no pain. The patient only feels the pressure on the skin during the shot, there is no pain, swelling and bleeding. In the same way, on the injection points there is no pain occurs after the effect of anesthetic substance is passed, so the patient does not suffer pain after the operation. Patient comfort becomes maximised.