The hospital uses the latest technologies.

The hospital has good certificates on the quality of medical service.

About Us

The Hospital, Technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods are followed, providing better and safer health service to patients. Patient-oriented approach, elite physician staff and healthcare personnel are structured to provide service with the understanding of patient satisfaction which prioritizes quality in the hospital equipped with modern medical technologies.

VIP quality service delivery, patient reception, hospitalization and housekeeping services are closely monitored in all rooms. In the rooms, where all the treatments the patient needs, all kinds of needs are considered and high level comfort facilities are provided. Housekeeping and Hospitality services are provided by a team of experienced and unconditional satisfaction professionals who work to make patients feel as comfortable as at home.

With the aim of keeping patient satisfaction and safety in the forefront, Nursing Services Development Coordination Department provides guidance, coordination, control and development system and provides quality and friendly nursing care. In the hospital, it provides evidence-based practices with the help of modern technology and scientific approach and patient safety conscious nursing services in providing the highest quality care to the individuals with impaired health.

In order to create the same environment outside the hospital, the patient to be followed-up is provided with professional health care services by qualified nurses or caregivers during the home care process, allowing the patient to feel better and accelerate the healing process.

Quality and patient safety are among the most important issues in the services provided in health institutions. The hospital holds the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate, one of the international health accreditation organizations, recognized worldwide. The hospital works to provide this service to its patients under the most appropriate conditions by providing international standards in many subjects such as patient safety, infection control and prevention, patient care, patient evaluation, risk management, training of personnel, information management and facility security.

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