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The hospital has good certificates on the quality of medical service.

  • The hospital holds the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate, one of the international health accreditation organizations, recognized worldwide.
Free consultation

Free consultation

The Hospital, Technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods are followed, providing better and safer health service to patients.

Online Consultation

The hospital uses the latest technologies.

The highest quality is given importance in the hospital.Doctors and specialist staff ready to answer your questions, your medical file is ready in a click.

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Latest Technology

The provide the most effective services to systems that integrate the latest technology.

Expert Staff

Accurate and fast treatments are offered with specialist doctors in the field.

Genial Team

Professional and friendly staff providing a service to families in the first temperature.

Patient Satisfaction

You are listening and understand. We meet all your needs to your satisfaction.


Hygiene is an important requirement in the hospital.

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With free examination form, you can ask us what you want to ask, you can get information about our applications. Please write your inquiries in the box and send us your appointment requests.


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