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PRP Supported Hair Treatment

PRP Supported Hair Treatment

PRP method (platelet rich plasma) is preferred in the treatment of various hair problems. Especially, PRP hair treatment applied to prevent hair loss, it is also effective in revitalizing the hair roots. Therefore, either with hair transplantation or 3 weeks later from the operation, applying in form of cure will increase the quality of hair transplantation.

This method, which is applied using the person's own blood, contributes to the revitalization and healthy of hair.

In PRP treatment, 10 cc blood is taken from person. After some special process and a seperation, red blood which contains platelet, coagulation factors, PGF (Platelet Growth Factor) are injected into the thinning area. This method which aims for tissue regeneration takes about 30 minutes.

In general, hair transplantation is not applied before the age of 22. At a younger age, hair treatment is applied to people who have hair loss. In addition, at any age, PRP and hair mesotherapy treatments can revitalize the dead hair strands and give a healthy structure.