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Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

As it is known, dental implant treatment is a prosthesis that replaces the lost tooth by mounting it on the jawbone in terms of function and aesthetics.

What material is the implant made of and how is it mounted?

The implant is produced from titanium material. The reason why its raw material is titanium is so that it can adapt to the body. Its appearance, which is not mounted on the jawbone, is almost like a screw. It is already produced with screw logic. The artificial tooth in question is screwed to the jawbone to replace the lost tooth.

How Does the Process Proceed in Implant Treatment?

Treatment varies depending on the patient's bone, tooth and health condition. While some patients get their dentures in as little as a week, the treatment of some patients may vary between 3 and 6 months. In this case, the dental implant treatment process and the map on the way to the healing process are determined by your dentist.

After tooth loss and after the healing of the gingiva is completed, the first examination is done to see if your jawbone is suitable for the implant. During this examination, various films are taken for the bone structure and 3D image of your jaw. If it is found appropriate, it is decided which brand and model implant will be used. Here, you can choose the seamless implant method with the guidance of your physician. It is a painless and more professional method. Afterwards, the process of mounting the implant and the healing process begins.

Can Patients Using Dentures Use Implant Treatment Method?

Yes it can use. Here, if the dentist recommends, the denture can be completely disabled and the multi-dental method can be switched to one by one with the implant. In fact, the bridge method between implants can be used in this regard.

Another curious question is; “Is dental implant treatment applied in children? Or is it inconvenient?“ the question is. Let's examine this question as well.

Is dental implant treatment applied in children? Or is it inconvenient?

Yes, dental implant treatment is applied in children. In fact, tooth loss is more common in childhood. Permanent teeth may be lost due to children's mobility and impacts of their mouth areas. For this reason, implant treatment and applications can be performed regardless of adulthood and childhood. It is not inconvenient. It is even a permanent solution.

In addition, we would like to point out that implant application should not be performed by every dentist. Especially in implant treatments to be applied in multiple tooth losses, it is important to prefer physicians with expertise in implant treatment.