Hair Transplant

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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is a procedure that is performed by applying FUE Hair Transplantation technique to get eyebrow thicken which is thin because of trauma, scars and deformities before.

The area where the eyebrow is to be transplanted is numbed with local anesthetic drugs and micro-channels are opened to the area and transplantation procedure is performed. As same as hair transplantation, after 15 days the transplanted grafts begin to fall out. After the fall out phase finish, it appears in 3 months, and takes about 9 months to complete. The only issue to be considered in the transplantation of eyebrow is, growing process is look like hair, because it is taken as hair from the neck area. Therefore, it is useful to cut and correct eyebrows every 15 days. After about 1 year, this prolongation will be reduced, and the patient will not need to cut anymore.

Especially in women it is aimed to give the ideal appearance of eyebrows which are deformitied because of thinning. Although pen and permanent makeup is a temporary method for eyebrow imperfections, eyebrow implant provides a permanent satisfaction.

Eyebrow Transplant

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