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Do not underestimate the tip of your nose..

The appearance of your nose tip and the layout are the most important issues after a rhinoplasty operation. However, how much it will be sufficient to form the cartilage structure of the nose tip while reshaping it? As explained in an article issued on March 2016 in PRS Journal, the cartilage surgeons call “upper lateral cartilage” that is in 1/3 part of the nose not only provide a strait esthetical ridge lines but also effect the layout of the tip and defining points that reflect the light.

Appropriate shortening and scalping of upper lateral cartilage give us the opportunity to easy movements of cartilage. Of course it is not same for each patient. A correct preliminary assessment before the operation shall be performed to determine the relation and angle of the cartilage and operation plan shall be made accordingly.

Briefly, reshaping the tip of the nose is not only restructuring the cartilage of the tip.