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Let my face rejuvenate but how?

I notice that there is an increase in the number of patients applying for facial rejuvenation. There is almost no one who did not have any botulinum toxin injection in their forehead, eye contour or cheeks, or fillings in their nasolabials. However filling and botox may not be sufficient in some cases.

If the laxity of the skin is extensive, we may not take the required results although we apply filling to specific lifting locations on the face. This time we offer an operation for our patient. We can perform central face or total face lifting. What will be the results?, our patients will get 10 years younger. Operation is generally performed under general anesthesia and in 1 week time the patient can return to their normal lives. Actually face lifting has almost no evidences. It is an incision starting from the front part of the ear directed to the back.

Let’s talk about the patients who are afraid of an operation and who are prevented from general anesthesia for some reason. We can perform face suspension or lifting however within the limits.. Surgical sutures we use are inserted under the skin with the help of some needles. This is called by many names in the market, but the objective is to insert as many sutures as we can under the skin and to benefit their tension effect and to cause tightening of skin as a result of foreign object reaction. Another option is the spiny sutures which are inserted under the skin and self-tighten the skin. Even the number of the sutures less they catch the skin at the bottom and suspend it.

However, as I always tell as much as an application is practicable as less as the effect thereof. You can keep this tight appearance for 2 years. Later on the appearance will return to the starting level slowly. It is possible to achieve a long term and more permanent results by an operation.

Off course we have many weapons to fight against ageing and for a fresh and young look but I should express a few things at this stage: We cannot stop the time. Chronometer is running. So we should take care of our skin. We should absolutely do not smoke because it has ageing effect. We should consume a lot of water and healthy food. Healthy living rules also apply for our skin which is the widest one as well as our other organs.