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What are the stages of hair transplantation operation?

Hair transplantation operation stages are; Collection - Arrangement - Channel – DHI – Transplantation - Anesthesia

Collection: The specialist collects the hair follicles one by one with a motorized circular blade as many as the desired number of hairs.

Arrangement: During the collection, grafts are cleaned from tissue fragments and separated as roots, containing single, double, triple and quadruple hair strands into appropriate solutions. This is performed by two people.


DHI: There is no channel opening in this technique. Grafts are placed in needle pens by 3 people and implanted directly under the skin. With this technique, there is a less bleeding and less scars, especially helpful in front line studies.

Transplantation: Depending on the number of grafts, the grafts collected by 2 or 3 persons are placed on channels one by one. It's a long and difficult job that requires attention.