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PB Serum

Pb enzymatic serum is in 3 groups. One of them is low. Low is a product used to tighten and renew the skin in under-eye bags. Or rather a form. Low is preferred for tightening and rejuvenating the whole skin, especially in under-eye bags. Sometimes one session is sufficient, in some cases it can be applied as 2 sessions.

Medium, another form of Pb Serum, is a product of choice for tissues with fat accumulation. It is a form that can be used to reduce fat in tissue that has small fat deposits in any part of the body in the subcutaneous fat collection, abdomen, arms and at the same time it can be used for regeneration, tightening and recovery of the skin.

High form is a form with a higher density of collagenase. The preferred patient group is surgical scars, cracks, worn tissues, sagging, deeper wrinkles, more precisely where the collagen of the body weakened, worn out, deteriorated that form may be preferred in those areas. It breaks down the collagen structure, whose main function is obsolete or degraded, and provides new collagen production. Improves texture Therefore, collagen can be used in any damaged tissue

PB Serum

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