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Butt Implant and BBL

The aesthetic appearance of the hips plays an active role in the overall body harmony perception. In recent years, hip aesthetics is one of the most demanded and frequently performed operations among aesthetic operations.

Surgical Technique and Post-Surgery
A few hours before the operation, blood tests are performed at the hospital, the general health status of the patient is evaluated and it is investigated whether there is a health problem that prevents the operation. Hip aesthetic operations are performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia under operating room conditions. Silicone prosthesis or fat tissue injection is applied to increase hip fullness and correct its form. Hip prostheses, such as breast prostheses, are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved products that contain silicone gel in a silicone cover and do not harm the body. Studies have shown that these prostheses do not cause cancer or other diseases.

The size and model of the silicone to be applied are determined by physical examination and measurements before surgery. Silicones used in hip aesthetics are available in many different sizes and shapes. For this reason, the proportion and compatibility between the person, body, leg and hip is of great importance in determining the silicone size. The most important issue in choosing the size of the silicone is not to place a prosthesis larger than the hip skin can take, because the skin has a certain elasticity. The hips should have enough plump and sharp lines to show itself and look natural. The prosthesis is placed in this prepared cavity and the incision is closed with aesthetic stitches. The procedure is not a painful procedure and stitches do not need to be removed as self-melting aesthetic stitches are used. The buttocks aesthetic procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Another method that is an alternative to silicone prosthesis is oil injection. It is a simple process to apply the oil or tissue cocktail taken from the person. However, in order for the procedure to be successful, tissue injection may need to be repeated 2-3 times, because 50-70% of the given adipose tissue dissolves in the first 6-10 months. Therefore, permanent fullness can be achieved with repeated injections according to the amount of remaining adipose tissue.

Butt Implant and BBL

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